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Coming from a financial background with skills in anti-money laundering and portfolio management, I decided to switch fields to pursue my childhood dream of wanting to make a product that can make an impact on society. My journey has lead me to take part in the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly. Through this program, I realize that it has re-kindled my passion and drive to continue to chase my childhood dream and be one step closer to achieving my goal. I plan to make use of the skills I learned to help build and maintain efficient, readable and modular applications.



A way to give thanks virtually to healthcare workers.


An application to search for all your favorite TV shows and their ratings!

Chatter Box Image

Chatter Box

A simple chatroom application where you can chat with your friends and family!

Hooked On Movies

A front end application where you can search for your favorite movies!

Sipping Beauty

A beer application that keeps track of your favorite beers and its content!

Food Swings

A restaurant planner that keeps track of your favorite restaurant and places you want to try!

Survey Express

A survey application where all your question(s) are answered through binary responses!

Driving Me Bananas

A journal that will keep track of your daily activities.


Your classic game of Tic Tac Toe against your friends on the same device!

Front End Development

HTML CSS SASS JavaScript jQuery React Material UI Bootstrap Grunt Gulp Webpack

Back End Development

PostgreSQL Ruby Rails MongoDB Node.js Express

Source Control / Technologies

GitHub Git Heroku Atom Visual Studio Amazon Web Services

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